The best way to get qualitative insights.

One on one interviews are valuable. But it can be a lot of work for both you and the participants. It often leads people to refuse the interview or postpone answering.

What if I told you there's a better way to do it now?

With TellAsky, people can answer using their voice easily. We use our custom AI to improve their thoughts without changing their style. They can review, correct, and approve the suggestion.

Make answering interviews a breeze to unlock their power and benefits.

Perfect for the following scenarios. And more!


Pre-interview guests to surface the interesting stories to cover during the podcast

Newsletter creators

Interview amazing people to feature in the next issue of your newsletter!

Customer Success

Interview your clients to measure satisfaction, or to use as promotional content.


Biographers can interview people relevant to the story of the subject of their book.


Ask people to tell you how they work to uncover the needs of your market.

Other use-cases

Whenever you need to do qualitative interviews, TellAsky can help!

Is that you? Let us help!

TellAsky is currently in early access. It means that everything is working, but that the doors are not fully opened to everybody just yet.

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